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Marketing is everything you do on a regular basis to successfully promote and win new clients for your Social Security disability representative business.

To assist you in this critical process, we will provide you with training and support that is based on
Education-Based Marketing rather than Selling-Based Marketing principles.

Education-Based Marketing continues to be more successful than Sales-Based Marketing because it will provide your prospective clients…

· With the information they need and want with out the sales pitch.
· You are immediately seen as a professional and educator that can be trusted--not a sales person who is just interested is making the sale.

Education-Based Marketing you will…

· Be able to maintain your respect and the respect of your prospective client because you will be educating them rather than trying to sell them something they do not want or need.
· Have more prospective clients seeking you out because you are seen as a professional and educator who can be trusted and depended on.
· See more referrals from clients who have no problem telling others what you have done for them.
· Save a lot more time and money in your marketing efforts.

We understand that most people coming into this business will be at a loss as to how to jump-start their marketing and sales process for the quickest return.  With our training and support you will receive…

Our Free "The Social Security Disability Advocate Marketing Guide."
Complete support during and following your training.

Plus a whole lot more of the critical tools to help you succeed.

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Concerned about not having Sales or     Marketing               experience?

No problem.  We provide you with the sales and  marketing training that is 
specific and targeted for just one type of prospective customer only.  They are...

Those people that are          hurting, and need you to help them get the Social         Security disability benefits they need and deserve.

Our training and support are all designed to build customer trust, confidence and the ability to generate positive customer leads.

The Summit Organization, Inc. will also be providing you leads that are targeted to your business location.


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The Social Security Disability Advocate Marketing Guide
Written by a former Social Security Disability Examiner and Disability Advocate

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The Cost Of Our Complete Social Security Disability               Advocate Training With Training Manual, Marketing Manual, Case Development Software and Unlimited Email Support During and After Your Training, Is Only $900.00.

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